Michael Hughes

Agile Technical Producer & Project Manager

How do colleagues describe me? Upbeat, attentive, self-motivated, a teamplayer with excellent communication skills. I've produced AAA games (mobile/console/PC) and on-prem/SAAS government certified healthcare software. I'm adept at on-site teams and remote 1st/3rd party studios. I've handled products with multi-million dollar budgets and navigated all phases of the SDLC from concept through post-release support. Thanks for visiting my site and learning more about me.



  • June 2017 - January 2018


    Technical Project Manager

    Key highlights:
    - Reduced outstanding PO/P1 tech debt to 0 within 90 days.
    - Improved LUA memory consumption over 50%
    - Reduced duplicate PHP code by 100%

  • July 2016 - June 2017

    Microsoft (via Aquent)

    Technical Producer

    Key highlights:
    - Led resolution of asset managment issues causing regular downtime
    - Designed prototype for ‘Halo Flighting’ (CMS portion)
    - Developed file caching/download system for Halo Wars 2
    (CMS portion)
    - Managed internal Halo Wars 2 launch communication reg CCU/adoption rate/game statistics

  • July 2015 - July 2016

    Forte Holdings

    Technical Product Manager

    Key highlights:
    - Added mobile support: Designed and managed development of our iPad app
    - Implemented expanded support options including longer hours & client portal
    - Managed external partner relationships including integrated vendors, content suppliers, industry consultants and third-party experts

  • October 2014 - July 2015

    Vera Whole Health

    Business Systems Analyst

    Key highlights:
    - Delivered Vera Gateway (patient community/portal) in 2 months (was 6 months behind when I took project on) - Designed technical documentation, workflows and user interface experience elements for post launch upgrades - SME for company-wide 2015 launch of Nextgen upgrade; ensured no downtime or loss of data

  • March 2007 - October 2014

    Forte Holdings

    Project Manager (Creative Technologist)

    Key highlights:
    - Designed and managed development of multiple iPad Apps through offshore contract teams
    - Designed and managed development of an integrated billing module allowing doctors to bill insurance, receive payments, have payments automatically credited to patient files, check patient benefits and send/receive messages to insurance companies all from within the application with no third-party software needed


  • Reprisal

    Designed and executive produced the AAA FPS Reprisal for PC/XBOX from 2001-2004. Click here to see a bit about our story. (No relation to Reprisal Universe released in 2014)
  • Game Developer's Collective'

    Created a co-working space for indie game developers. Led a mentorship program and hosted monthly talks with game development, legal, and financial experts to assist small studios/developers in creating successful ventures.
  • Guest Lecturer - AIE

    Presented a lecture on the realities of independent game development
  • Seattle Indie Expo

    Hosted an indie game expo in March of 2015 featuring over a dozen developers, numerous titles, multiple keynote speakers, LAN area and more.


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